We’re a band from Mesa, Arizona, and we’ve been playing around for about a decade, at local venues like the Rogue Bar, the Grid: Games and Growlers, Last Exit Live, Pho Cao, and more.

Carlin Johnson – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

Carlin has been playing guitar, singing and writing music since he was a wee lad. He works in the Information Technology industry and is a loving father to his two boys, Isaac and Nolan. His significant other Amanda also has a young boy named Nolan, and together they reap utter chaos upon the world.

Dominic Mayr – Bass Guitar

Dominic got his first bass guitar from his grandfather, Tony, who said his neighbors complained about the noise. He hails from Tempe and is currently pursuing a Masters in Business Administration at Arizona State University.

Tyler Dandy – Lead Guitar, Keyboard

Tyler has a passion for reading and is a writer himself. When he isn’t reading, writing or playing music, he likes to spend time with his Australian Heeler, Janelle.

Liam Slone – Drums, Classical Guitar

Liam is a stoic and thoughtful person who finds catharsis in playing drums and classical guitar. His dream is to study history and linguistics at university, and to live alone with many cats. They are the only ones who can truly understand him.