Album of the week: Love, Peace & Fire

Disc 3/3 of Love, Peace & Fire by Japanese band Superfly.
(Starts at song 27 in the Spotify playlist below)

I learned about this band because they wrote the title theme for Tales of Zestiria, an installment of Bandai Namco’s Tales adventure game series released on January 22, 2015. That song, titled “White Light” appears on this disc. Superfly originally formed in 2003, with main songwriters Shiho Ochi (vocals & frontwoman) and KĊichi Tabo (guitar). Their name is drawn from Curtis Mayfield’s song “Superfly.” They have a tight classic rock feel, and a good variance on the spectrum of hard to softer rock. Favorites for me on this album are Bi-Li-Li Emotion and White Light.

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