Album of the week

We’ve been doing an exercise in the band where each week one of us picks an album, the rest of the band listens to it, then we discuss it at our next practice. Here are our first 3 months of choices. See any favorites on the list? Do you have any recommendations for us?

  1. Tyler — Catch For us the Foxes, Mewithoutyou
  2. Dominic — Defend Your Ramp, _ensare_ and Inspector Vector
  3. Will — The Book of Invasions, Horslips
  4. Carlin — Ill Communication, Beastie Boys
  5. Tyler — Melt Yourself Down, Melt Yourself Down
  6. Dominic — School The Indie Rockers, Optimus Rhyme
  7. Will — Migration, Bonobo
  8. Carlin — God’s Favorite Customer, Father John Misty
  9. Tyler — Ordinary Corrupt Human Love, Deafheaven
  10. Will — Hardly Electronic, The Essex Green
  11. Dominic — Endless Fantasy, Anamanaguchi
  12. Carlin — Dummy, Portishead

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